The Sarah Brightman Special – Harem A Desert Fantasy (2003)

Кошки (1980)Год выпуска: 2003

Harem - A Desert Fantasy (2004 UK promo DVD test disc consisting of footage from Sarah's PBS Network Special, never- before-seen clips. Harem takes you on a journey through desert fantasies created with the latest album, plus 13elaborately produced & directed videos, performances of timeless classics and her live performance of 'Nessun Dorma', special features include new videos, behind-the-scenes documentary and photo gallery - the disc is blank as is typical of DVD promo's and comes with a 1-page press release).

Список композиций

  1. Harem
  2. Beautiful
  3. Mysterious Days
  4. Anytime, Anywhere
  5. It's a Beautiful Day
  6. Free
  7. The War is Over
  8. What You Never Know
  9. Stranger in Paradise
  10. Nessun Dorma (концертное выступление из La Luna)
  11. What a Wonderful World
  12. The Journey Home
  13. Time to Say Goodbye

Бонусный материал

  1. "Behind the Scenes" – 30 мин. документального видео о съемках клипов
  2. Фотогалерея

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Diva The Video Collection (2006)

Призрак Оперы (1986)Год выпуска: 2006

For years, Sarah's fans have been clamoring for a collected release of her music videos. With Diva: The Video Collection, the majority of Sarah's videos are finally in one place, on one DVD! Diva covers Sarah's "illustrious 25-year musical career, from her start in the British dance group Hot Gossip, to her collaborations with composer Andrew Lloyd Webber on the sensational Phantom of the Opera, to her innovative mixing of opera with pop music" on "A Question of Honour" to "Time to Say Goodbye," her international smash hit duet with Andrea Bocelli."

Список композиций

  1. Pie Jesu
  2. Phantom of the Opera
  3. Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
  4. Amigos Para Siempre
  5. Captain Nemo
  6. A Question Of Honour
  7. How Can Heaven Love Me
  8. Time to Say Goodbye
  9. Just Show Me How to Love You
  10. Eden
  11. Who Wants to Live Forever
  12. Deliver Me
  13. Anytime Anywhere
  14. Nella Fantasia
  15. Whiter Shade Of Pale
  16. Ave Maria
  17. Kama Sutra
  18. Harem (Cancao Do Mar)
  19. Free
  20. Starship Troopers
  21. Encore track: Music Of The Night (Andrew Lloyd Webber – The Royal Albert Hall Celebration)

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Classics – The Best of Sarah Brightman [PBS Premium Only] (2002)

Рипо! Генетическая опера (2008)Год выпуска: 2002

This 90-minute video was never released commercially, but was only available as a premium for donating to the Public Broadcasting System in the US. Timed with the CD release of Sarah Brightman's Classics and only available on VHS, it was produced by WLIW 21 in New York, which describes it as follows.

"Sarah Brightman has been entertaining us for years but we've never had the chance to sit down and talk with her... until now. Intimate conversations between co-hosts Sarah Brightman and Laura Savini reveal Sarah's inspirations and aspirations as never before.

"Her personal selections of highlights from a career of beautiful music provide even more insight. CLASSICS: THE BEST OF SARAH BRIGHTMAN traces the evolution of an artist who continues to entrance her fans with each incarnation. The special features highlights from Sarah Brightman's PBS specials SARAH BRIGHTMAN IN CONCERT AT THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL, SARAH BRIGHTMAN: ONE NIGHT IN EDEN, and SARAH BRIGHTMAN: LA LUNA IN CONCERT plus performances never seen on U. S. television and interviews recorded in London at Her Majesty's Theatre in the West End and Brightman's flat, in Hamburg at NEMO Studios, and in Vienna at Figaro House and the Vienna Concert House. This video also contains bonus behind-the-scenes material not seen in the PBS broadcast."

Список песен

  1. Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
  2. Just Show Me How to Love You (duet with Jose Cura)
  3. Anytime, Anywhere
  4. Nessun Dorma
  5. Figlio Perduto
  6. Pie Jesu
  7. La Luna
  8. Dans la Nuit
  9. La Wally/Question of Honour
  10. Winter Light
  11. La ci Darem la Mano (duet with Placido Domingo)
  12. Mio Babbino Caro
  13. Time to Say Goodbye (duet with Andrea Bocelli)

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